Challenging Conversations and Contexts

Thursday, June 22, 2017 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM (Add to Calendar)
Ed 1, Room 4103 (Use South elevators)
Kirsten Broadfoot, PhD

This interactive session is designed for new and existing faculty interested in developing, reinforcing and advancing their communication skill ability in challenging conversations and contexts.
What you will learn -

  • Relationship centered communication skills to communicate respectful dissent and relational repair, while working with diverse beliefs and power gradients in group settings.
  • How to apply relationship centered communication skills in interactive small group sessions using cases involving diverse perspectives, values, differences of opinion and conflicted/highly emotional conversations with team members and learners.
  • Goal based effective feedback techniques for learner, peers and supervisors.
The session will be limited to 8 participants and fills quickly. Prior to the session you will receive a survey related to your session goals. Please complete this survey by the date requested as cases for your interactive session will be chosen and tailored based on your goals. Preparation materials will be sent to you for review prior to the session date and further instructions will also be available on arrival at the CAPE at noon on your session date.

If you would like to be wait listed for this session please email for the next available slot.

Event Contact Information
Tracy Johnson