Using Standardized Patients for Curriculum Innovation and Research: Getting Started

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 1:15 PM to 3:15 PM (Add to Calendar)
AO1, 7th Fl Boardroom
Dr. Sondra Zabar

As educators we strive to make education relevant, valid, and an accurate reflection of what we want our learners to know and be able to do. Standardized Patients (SPs) can reliably measure complex skills, offer a standardized experience of core competencies, allow opportunity for curricular innovation and provide efficient individual and programmatic assessments. By the end of this workshop participants will: understand the potential of using SPs in curricular innovations and research, recognize key elements essential in developing a quality SP project, and construct a plan to use SPs for research  to answer a question important to them. An overview of best practices in SP curricular and research projects and illustrative examples of SP projects will be presented; participants will have a chance to develop strategies for their own project. 
What you will learn

  •  Understand the potential for using SPs in curriculum innovation and research
  • Recognize key elements essential in developing a quality SP project for research and for curricular innovation
  • Understand available opportunities that support research using OSCEs
  • Construct a plan to use SPs for research or innovation to answer a question/solve a problem that is important to you and to the field
Facilitator:  Sondra Zabar

Event Contact Information
Brena Jones