SOM - Time Management

Thursday, August 15, 2019 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM (Add to Calendar)
Education 2 North Building, Room P28-3108
Steven Lowenstein, MD, MPH

Arnold Rich, who served as professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University
School of Medicine until 1958, observed that, in his day, medical school faculty could enjoy “the
element of repose, the quiet pursuit of knowledge, the friendship of books, the pleasures of
conversations and the advantages of solitude.” There is a general consensus among faculty
members that those times are gone. Today, faculty members face relentless pressures to
generate revenues form patient care or grants. It is becoming more difficult to find time to
teach, balance family and career, keep up with advances in medicine and science, gather with
colleagues and engage in meaningful scholarship. Feeling more like hamsters than professors,
faculty members are working harder than ever to meet the demands of the classroom,
laboratory, university, clinic and health care system; but increasingly, they are challenged by
time, which is in short supply.

In this workshop, we will discuss 6 time management strategies: Reserve Tuesdays to
write; Make your absence felt; Control your email; Get to “no; Know when to fold ‘em; and Add
deadlines to your dreams. Faculty members can use these six strategies to protect a few hours
each week --- hours that can be used not only for writing and research, but also for addressing
personal and family goals and the other priorities in one's life.

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