Information Services

Unifying Information Technology and Technology Services Across the School of Medicine.

Desktop Support

The School of Medicine Information Services offers open collaboration on desktop support needs for the school. Departments within the school have the option to share IT desktop support personnel while leveraging the SOM Information Services to provide central leadership of the desktop support team. Information Services will allow you to:

  • Reduce the initial threshold of bringing on a dedicated IT resource.
  • Increase business continuity by ensuring every IT resource in the school has a backup that is cross-trained.
  • Increase IT support retention by providing more career paths and flexibility at work.
  • Replicate the success of existing SOM IT offerings.
  • Improve IT security and project management by leveraging standardized processes, methodologies, and standards.

If you are a School of Medicine department, division, center, institute, program, or lab and would like to learn more about this offer, please contact

Work Computer Purchase Program

The School of Medicine has worked with Dell to setup a customized purchasing program for desktop computers, laptop computers, and computer monitors. This program allows you to:

  • Purchase computers that are preconfigured to meet all of the school’s software and security requirements.
  • Reduce cost due to the volume of computers and monitors the school purchases.
  • Reduce setup time of new computers.
  • Streamline the purchasing process.

To place your order:

  1. Log in to the campus portal.
  2. On the CU Resources tab, select Business Tools, then CU Marketplace.
  3. Click on the Dell Punchout logo.
  4. Click on the Quotes tab.
  5. Under Sales Quotes:
    • Enter Quote Number: 3000017166751.1 (updated on 09/06/2017)
    • Enter Customer Number: 146158423
  6. Once the form has loaded, remove any unneeded products, add accessories, and customize product specifications.

Personal Computer Purchase Program

The School of Medicine has worked with Dell to provide our Student and Staff with discounts up to 35% off on personal purchases. Please go to to make your purchase.

Application Development and Operations

The School of Medicine has a team of highly skilled application developers, designers, and database administrators that build custom applications for the school. The dev/ops team focuses on solving the technical challenges that face our school. Some examples of our work include:

Annual performance review system with reporting for the school’s faculty.
The public facing website used to promote the school.
Internal system for managing faculty appointments within the school.
CU Doctors
Promotional website highlighting University of Colorado School of Medicine clinical providers.
CHA/PA Student Performance
Internal system providing faculty advisors quick access to students’ performance over time.
Data warehouse and reporting system that integrates financial and human resource data from CU Central Information Warehouse (CIW), University of Colorado Medicine (formally UPI), CU Foundation, UCD Security Badging, and the school’s HR and finance systems.
MySOM Intranet
Internal system that allows faculty and staff to collaborate and communicate online.

Technology Consulting

The SOM Information Services team has a wide variety of experienced IT professionals that are available to consult with members of the School of Medicine when it comes to Information Technology needs. We are familiar with all existing IT offerings within CU (software, infrastructure, policies, procedures, and cost associated with each offering). Examples of when to contact the Information Services team for technology consulting are:

  • Projecting storage usage and costs.
  • Evaluation new web applications or software.
  • Purchasing new computers or other hardware.
  • Performing IT security audits and risk mitigation.
  • Overall IT needs assessment and recommendations.

If you would like to learn more about SOM Information Services Technology Consulting, please contact