Max Mitchell, MD
Professor, Surgery-Cardiothoracic

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Medical School:
  • MD, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (1988)
Undergraduate School:
  • BSc, University of Denver (CO) (1984)
  • University of Colorado (1989)
  • University of Colorado, Surgery (1995)
  • University of Colorado, Thoracic and Cardiac (1998)
  • University of Colorado (Children's Hospital Colorado) Program, Thoracic and Cardiac (1997)
  • The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia (1999)
Languages: English
Department: Surgery-Cardiothoracic

Professional Titles

  • Director of the Mechanical Circulatory Support Program
  • Co-Director, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Program

Recognition & Awards

  • Top Doctor in Denver, 5280 Magazine (2012)
    Voted a 5280 best doctor by my peers in response to the question, "Which physician would you trust to treat you and your family?"
  • American's Top Doctors, Castle Connelly (2009)
  • Listed in the "Guide to America's Top Surgeons", Consumer's Research Council of America (2009)
  • Health Policy Scholarship Recipient, American College of Surgeons and Society of Thoracic Surgeons (2007)
  • Top Doctors List (Thoracic Surgery), Castle Connolly (2007)

Research Interests

My research focuses on myocardial preservation and endothelial cell function. I am currently conducting clinical projects studying outcomes following a variety of congenital cardiac surgical conditions. In addition, I have ongoing studies examining biologic differences between normal and pathologic heart valves in pediatric patients.


  • Professor (2009)
    School of Medicine, Surgery
  • Assistant Professor (1998)
    School of Medicine, Surgery
  • Associate Professor (2002)
    School of Medicine, Surgery
  • Instructor (1995)
    School of Medicine, Surgery


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Professional Memberships

  • American College of Surgeons (ACS), Fellow
  • Western Thoracic Surgical Association, Member
  • Society of Thoracic Surgeons, Member
  • European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery, Member
  • International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, Member
  • Rocky Mountain Thoracic and Cardiac Surgical Society, Member
  • Denver Academy of Surgery, Member
  • Congenital Heart Surgeons Society, Member
  • American Association for Thoracic Surgery, Member

Practice Locations

Children's Hospital Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
13123 East 16th Ave
Aurora, CO 80045

Children's Hospital Colorado - Colorado Springs
4090 Briargate Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Hospital Affiliation
  • Children's Hospital Colorado
  • University of Colorado Hospital

Specialty Information

  • Surgery, Board Certification (1996, 2004)
  • Thoracic and Cardiac, Board Certification (1999, 2007)
  • Subspecialty Certification in Congenital Heart Surgery, Board Certification (2009)
Conditions & Treatments
  • Heart and Circulation - Congenital Heart Disease
  • Heart and Circulation - Heart Valve Diseases
  • Surgery - Adult Cardiac Surgery
  • Surgery - Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Surgery - Heart Transplant Surgery
  • Surgery - Open Heart Surgery
  • Surgery - Transplant Surgery
  • Surgery - Cardiothoracic - Congenital Cardiac Surgery
  • Heart and Circulation - Adult Congenital Heart Disease
  • Heart and Circulation
  • Surgery
Clinical Interests
I am interested in neonatal and congenital cardiac surgery, congenital and acquired diseases of the mitral valve, atrioventricular valve repair in children and adults, and pediatric cardiac transplantation.

General Information

Medical Schools:
  • MD, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences (1988)
Undergraduate Schools:
  • BSc, University of Denver (CO) (1984)
  • University of Colorado (1989)
Residency Programs:
  • University of Colorado, Surgery (1995)
  • University of Colorado, Thoracic and Cardiac (1998)
  • University of Colorado (Children's Hospital Colorado) Program, Thoracic and Cardiac (1997)
  • The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia (1999)
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Languages: English
Department: Surgery-Cardiothoracic