Lisa Lee, PhD
Associate Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology


  • Visualization Textbook (2020). From Scope to Screen: The Evolution of Histology Education.
  • Ryan M, Stratford J, Lee LMJ. Lending a Helping Hand; Educational Value of a Hand-Drawn Video Tutorial on Embryonic Underpinnings of Gross Anatomy. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Zabalaga-Haberman MF, Vinovskis C, Stratford J, Lee LMJ. Twisted Development: Assessing the Educational Value of a 4D Interactive Embryonic Gut Tube Model. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Hirt L, Leonard CJ, Lee LMJ. Are you copying me? Leveraging Expert Visual Scan Path to Transmit Visual Literacy In Novice Histology Students. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Zabalaga-Haberman MF, Amici A., Buenting Gritton C, Stratford J, Lee LMJ. Do I Sound Funny to You? The Role of Instructor Gender and Accent on Student Learning and Evaluation in a Digital Learning Environment. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Choi YJ, Plunkett C, Buenting Gritton CA, Stratford J, Lepek N, Lee LMJ. “Build an Embryo”: Educational Efficacy of 3D Printed Embryo Models in Pieces or en bloc in Enhancing Spatial & Temporal Anatomy Learning. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Lee LJM, Kincaid T, Tan R, Corral J. Growing Pains: Positive Learning Outcomes but Evaluation Fallouts from Flipping the Embryology Curriculum in an Integrated Medical Gross Anatomy Course FASEBJ, 2020
  • Cale A, Lee LJM. Those Who Can’t Do, Teach&[hellip]Anatomy? The Presence of Stereotype Threat in Anatomical Sciences Educators. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Park Y, Muffly, Corral J, Lee LMJ. “My Vagina Did What?”: Evaluating a 3D Mobile App of Enterocele Anatomy in Post-Hysterectomy Women. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Royer D, Carmichael H, Kondo K, Lee LMJ, Britton C Let Students SOAR: Impact of Early Clinical Interactions on Perceptions of Specialties & Anatomy. FASEBJ, 2020
  • Buenting Gritton C, Royer D, Carmichael H, Kondo K, Lee LMJ. SOARing Achievements: Do Medical Students Think Our New Teaching Strategy Achieved Its Goals?FASEBJ, 2020
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