Ida Drury, PhD, MSW
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics-Child Abuse and Neglect/Kempe


  • Larson, S. J., Miller, A., & Drury, I. (2020). Reflections on tenure, the two-body problem, and retention in the 21st century academy. Journal of Public Affairs Education, 1-25.
  • Schwab-Reese, L. M., Drury, I., Allan, H., & Matz, K. (2020). " Oh, this is actually okay": Understanding how one state child welfare training system adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic. Child abuse & neglect, 104697.
  • Drury, I. (2020). Exploring social equity in child welfare. In M. Guy & S. McCandless (Eds.). Social equity in public administration. Irvine, CA: Melvin & Leigh, Publishers.

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Department: Pediatrics-Child Abuse and Neglect/Kempe
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