Laura Scherer, PhD
Associate Professor, Medicine-Cardiology

Department: Medicine-Cardiology


  • Scherer, L.D., Shaffer, V., Caverly, T., DeWitt, J. & Zikmund-Fisher, B.J. (2020). Medical Maximizing-Minimizing Predicts Patient Preferences for Both High-Benefit and Low-Benefit Care. Medical Decision Making.
  • Saffran, L., Hu, Sisi, Hinnant, A, Scherer, L.D., Nagle, S.C. (2020). Constructing and influencing perceived authenticity in science communication: Experimenting with narrative. Plos ONE.
  • Morgan, D., Scherer, L.D. & Korenstein, D. (2020). Improving physician communication about treatment decisions: Reconsideration of "risks versus benefits". Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
  • Scherer, L.D., Valentine, K.D., Patel, N., Baker, S.G., & Fagerlin, A. (2019). A Bias for Action in Cancer Screening? Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, 25(2), 149-161.
  • VonGunten, C. & Scherer, L.D. (2019). Self-Other Differences in Multiattribute Decision Making: Compensatory versus Noncompensatory Decision Strategies. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 32(2), 109-123.
  • Patel, N., Baker, S.G., Scherer, L.D. (2019). Examining the Cognitive Reflection Test as a Measure of Intuition/Reflection, Numeracy, and Insight Problem Solving, and the Implications for Understanding Real-World Judgments and Beliefs. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.
  • Scherer, L.D. & Fagerlin, A. (2019). Shared decision making in revascularization decisions: Recent attempts highlight complexities and challenges. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 12(2), e005446.
  • Scherer, L.D. & Lin, G. (2019). Decision aids for prostate cancer screening: The true potential remains unknown. JAMA: Internal Medicine, 179(80), 1082-1083.
  • Piltch-Loeb, R., Zikmund-Fisher, B.J., Shaffer, V., Scherer, L.D., Fagerlin, A., Abramson, D.M. & Scherer, A.M. (2019). Cross-Sectional Psychological and Demographic Associations of Zika Knowledge and Conspiracy Beliefs Before and After Local Zika Transmission. Risk Analysis.
  • Evron, J.M, Reyes-Gastelum, D., Banerjee, M., Scherer, L.D., Wallner, L., Hamilton, A., Ward, K. Hawley, S., Zikmund-Fisher, B.J. & Haymart, M.R. (2019) The Role of Patient Maximizing-Minimizing Preferences in Thyroid Cancer Surveillance. Journal of Clinical Oncology.
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