Karen Albright, PhD
Visiting Associate Professor, Medicine-Internal Medicine

Languages: English
Department: Medicine-Internal Medicine


  • Deborah J. Rinehart, Sarah E. Leslie, Kari Kuka, Reina Doyle, Melanie Stowell, Tara Thomas-Gale, Silvia Raghunath, Judith C. Shlay, Edward Havranek, and Karen Albright (senior author). 2020. “Adolescent Female Perspectives in an Urban Safety Net: Developing an Intervention Focusing on Sexual Health and Text Messaging.” Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved 31(3), 1379-1398.
  • Karen Albright, Pari Shah, Melodie Santodomingo, and Jean Scandlyn. 2020. “Dissemination of Information about Climate Change by State and Local Public Health Departments: United States, 2019-2020.” American Journal of Public Health 110(8): 1184-1190.
  • Karen Albright, Virginia J. Greenbaum, Sherry A. Edwards, and Carmelle Tsai. 2020. “Systematic Review of Facilitators of, Barriers to, and Recommendations for Healthcare Services for Child Survivors of Human Trafficking Globally.” Child Abuse and Neglect 100:104289.
  • Virginia J. Greenbaum, Karen Albright, and Carmelle Tsai. 2020. “Introduction to Global Child Trafficking and Health.” Child Abuse and Neglect 100:104321.
  • Virginia J. Greenbaum, Karen Albright, and Carmelle Tsai (Special Issue Editors). 2020. International Child Trafficking: Health Care Issues, Perspectives, and Solutions. Child Abuse and Neglect 100.
  • Sociology at Work: The COVID-19 Edition: Written contextual overview in e-newsletter designed to connect social scientists using their skills in a wide range of applied professional contexts. This piece highlights the advantages of disseminating and implementing social scientific insights in the world beyond academia in order to help enact beneficial social change, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. June 2020.
  • EdX Course: The Healthcare Response to Human Trafficking. EdX course designed to educate healthcare practitioners about the contextual factors, signs, and health needs of human trafficking. The approximately 1.5 hours of material is comprised of 25 videos across 5 modules, which I narrate.
  • Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology. “Sociological Imagination, Translation, and Application: The Imperative of This Moment.” Presidential Address. October 9, 2020.
  • Karen Albright. Sociology Beyond the Ivory Tower: Non-Academic Career Patterns and Implications for Training. New York: Routledge Press. In press; expected publication April 2021.
  • Karen Albright and Maria de Jesus Diaz-Perez. Essential Voices: Workers’ Experiences During the Coronavirus Pandemic and What We Can Learn from Them. New York: Routledge Press. Under contract as of August 2020; expected publication October 2021.
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Languages: English
Department: Medicine-Internal Medicine