Vinaya Manchaiah, AuD, PhD
Visiting Professor, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

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Graduate Schools :
  • PhD, Linkoping University (2013)
  • MBA, Swansea University (2013)
  • AuD, Nova Southeastern University (2010)
  • Other, Swansea University (2010)
  • MSc, University of Southampton (2006)
Undergraduate School:
  • BSc, University of Mysore (2005)
Languages: English
Department: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Professional Titles

  • Professor of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
  • Director of Audiology

Recognition & Awards

  • Rated among top 1% of experts in Audiology in the world, (2022)
  • Innovation Award for Research, Lamar University College of Fine Arts and Communication (2021)
  • Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand (2019)
  • Marie & Jack Shapiro Prize, British Tinnitus Association (2019)
    Awarded in three consecutive years (2017, 2018, and 2019).
  • Bharat Samman Award, NRI Institute, Delhi, India (2017)
  • Jerger Future Leaders of Audiology (JFLAC), American Academy of Audiology (AAA) (2016)
  • Fast and efficient PhD, Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Linköping University, Sweden (2013)
  • Distinction in the Executive MBA, Swansea University, UK (2013)
  • Highest honors in the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) program, Nova Southeastern University (2010)
  • Best poster presentation award, Annual convention of Indian Speech Language and Hearing Association (ISHA Con) (2004)

Research Interests

My primary research goal is to improve accessibility, affordability, and outcomes of hearing healthcare services for older adults with hearing loss by promoting self-management and also use of digital technologies. My past and current research can be summarized along the following four themes: (1) eHealth (or Telehealth); (2) Consumer Health Informatics; (3) Hearing healthcare service delivery model; and (4) Psychosocial aspects of hearing loss. I co-lead the Virtual Hearing Lab ( with Prof. De We Wet Swanepoel. The Virtual Hearing Lab is an interdisciplinary collaborative research initiative with the aim to improve hearing health access, affordability, and outcomes by capitalizing on the internet, virtual spaces, and digital health.


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Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Audiology (AAA), Member
  • American Auditory Society (AAS), Member
  • American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), Member
  • International Society of Audiology (ISA), Member
  • Indian Speech & Hearing Association (ISHA), Life Member
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA ), Fellow

Practice Locations

UCHealth Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic - Anschutz Medical Campus
1635 Aurora Ct
6th floor
Aurora, CO 80045

Hospital Affiliation
  • University of Colorado Hospital

Specialty Information

  • Audiology
Conditions & Treatments
  • Audiology
  • Audiology - Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Clinical Interests
Adult hearing assessment, Aural rehabilitation, Tinnitus assessment and management

Care Philosophy
I have three key priorities when I am with my patients. First, diagnose and treat hearing and balance disorders using up-to-date evidence-based approaches. Second, to educate patients about all the treatment options and their advantage/limitations and discuss how they may fit with each patient and their family members health priorities/goals. Finally, to be fully invested in serving my patients who trust me in caring for them by staying in the present moment.

Personal Interests
I love traveling, photography, and outdoor activities. I have visited 76 countries and like to go around the globe. I also like to learn new things.

Volunteer Activities
Co-founder and Senior Editor of Global Audiology initiative ( which is now part of the International Society of Audiology (ISA). Co-founder and served as the President of Audiology India (

Public Speaking
Range of topics in hearing healthcare

General Information

Graduate Schools:
  • PhD, Linkoping University (2013)
  • MBA, Swansea University (2013)
  • AuD, Nova Southeastern University (2010)
  • Other, Swansea University (2010)
  • MSc, University of Southampton (2006)
Undergraduate Schools:
  • BSc, University of Mysore (2005)
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Languages: English
Department: Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
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CU Anschutz
Fitzsimons Building

13001 East 17th Place
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Aurora, CO 80045

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